*Note Terry Harris now lives in California, no longer in Kootenai County, and yet is still on technical committee for the ULUC.  He provides a lot of input to Todd Messenger (the out of state consultant that is writing the ULUC) and Wes Hanson of Kootenai Environmental Alliance (KEA) chair of the Planning Commission and technical committee.

-Terry stated on the KEA blog: "But we thought the County was especially nice to acknowledge and thank “the hundreds of citizens who attended countless public meetings, workshops, local neighborhood meetings, and public hearings. Your thoughtful review of the plan and its goals and policies have been essential to capturing the spirit and vision of what makes and will keep Kootenai County great.”  “We are pretty sure they are talking about KEA members.”

-His response when asked about their involvement: “Yes, absolutely, KEA and its membership has been very much involved in the development of the comp plan and the current project to re-write the codes. This stuff matters to the environment and matters to the future of the county. NOT being involved would have been tantamount to malpractice.”

-History and involvement of the BULITT FOUNDATION:  The Bullitt Foundation (bullitt.org) is a Seattle-based environmental group whose mission is to promote “sustainable communities in the Pacific Northwest,” a subset of the mission of the United Nation’s Agenda for the 21st Century (Agenda 21). Their tactics include “shaping public opinion” and “directly influencing important decisions in the public sector.” They grant approximately $5 million per year to groups and organizations that will advance their agenda.

-Grant recipients include the Tides Foundation (George Soros), ICLEI- Local Governments for Sustainability (UN Agenda 21), Idaho Smart Growth and our very own Kootenai Environmental Alliance (KEA) who has received $135,000 from Bullitt Foundation. Why? In part for “…participation in (Kootenai) county’s process to revise its comprehensive plan and adopt a zoning ordinance.”  We have found actual documents that KEA put on a series of workshops in Kootenai County with the help of a grant from the Bullitt foundation in 2007 for the comp plan.   This is the picture listed above. 



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